5 Benefits of Yoga Under the Guidance of a Yoga Teacher

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Yoga, an elixir that works on practically every modern-day ailment, including obesity, melancholy, diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, and panic attacks, is a remedy for all and may help people to lead a healthier lifestyle as they get older.  

Yoga is a relaxing and refreshing experience that it's often preferable to practice alone. You can concentrate better on your breathing and the sound of air entering and leaving your body. You can clear your mind by allowing your thoughts to enter and then exit through your breath. When doing Yoga by yourself, it is possible to practice in quiet.

But, when you are learning Yoga in a group setting, under the guidance of a spiritual master and with his verbal cues, you get exposure to another realm of power and spiritual peace. 

And if you're still not sure about being trained under the guidance of a Yoga Guru, then here are some of the benefits of yoga under the guidance of a Yoga Teacher:

Newbies get better exposure to new yoga postures 

It's easy to get lost when alone and don't know the road to your destination. Like every traveler visiting a new place needs guiding cues to follow and reach the goal. Words from your Yoga Guru help their students to create a mental image and follow the right direction for executing the posture in the right way. 

The experienced students may not require any urging or advice when moving through a sequence of poses. At the same time, a newbie will need those guidance cues to practice the postures effectively and safely. 

  1. No need to get stressed about your practice

Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Bikram, Restorative, and many more. Yes, Yoga postures and their never-ending types can be overwhelming to choose from. 

But, when you are under the wings of a Yoga Guru, simply relax your nerves because now, you don't need to do all the research on various yoga types every time you start your practice. 

Your teacher will guide you in the best possible way by starting from the basics first, like breathing and seated postures; this will help you build strength and mental consciousness for the latter half of more advanced yoga asanas. 

  1. Get individual assistance.

 Yoga is not easy to master. Like any other art, working on advanced Yoga poses like Crow Pose, Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Stand), or Hanumanasana (Yoga Splits) can be very difficult without any assistance and verbal cues from your instructor. 

 Here, your teacher will hold and assist you in finding your balance very quickly. Whereas if you do these poses on your own, it will take you months or maybe even years to master them. 

Assistance from your guru in advance poses helps you boost confidence, enables you to trust the process, keeps you safe from any injury, and helps you build strength faster. 

   4.Yoga Guru will teach you about Yoga Philosophy

A qualified yoga instructor/guru will definitely have a solid understanding of the history, philosophy, and genres of Yoga. Also, yoga instructors should be familiar with the ancient Hindu language (Sanskrit) terminology used in their chosen form of practice, the purpose and benefits of the practice, and how to alter postures and techniques to suit the practitioner.

Usually, most of the Yoga Gurus use the time of meditation to enlighten their students with the knowledge of a specif Mantra, Shloka, or any past event from the Yoga History. These philosophy sessions build a base for a new student to understand this art even more deeply. 

  1. Yoga Guru will test you to the best ability. 

 Just like in any school, kids get homework, practice sheets, and then tests. A Guru will also test his disciples in the making. You will get daily/weekly targets to practice upon, and at the end of every week, you will be expected to master a certain pose. 

Testing the students helps them clean their imperfections and master one pose at a time without rushing over to the next one. An experienced yoga guru will always tell you to master the previous pose before moving forward. 

When a student is involved in self-teaching, it's impossible for him to detect the mistakes and test his skills independently. This process is not reliable if you want to learn things faster.  

Things to Look for in Qualified Yoga Guru

You're going to give your health and physical fitness in the hands of your Yoga guru by trusting his experience, so make sure you must check all the following points before you trust any random yoga instructor: 


  1. Yoga Certification from a government-approved Yoga School or Yoga Association. 
  2. The minimum requirement for a qualified yoga teacher training is 200 hours.  
  3. Some yoga teachers prefer to register with non-profit organizations such as Yoga Alliance, which has standardized yoga teaching. When you look up a certified instructor on one of these sites, you'll be able to view their qualifications, how long they've been teaching, their specialties, and more.

 Also, check some other added indicators of trustworthiness like:

Their Yoga Studio Base: Check that they teach in a well-established setting, such as a gym, yoga studio, or a personal space where they can practice and teach regularly. Visit the place before joining and ask them for free trials. Usually, most studios provide 1 to 3 days for a free trial. 

Their Yoga Website/ Social Media Page: Check to discover if yoga teachers have personal web pages on google or any Social Media page that showcase their yoga company and services, especially if they are not registered with an accredited organization.

The Bottom Line 

The holy book from Hindu mythology - The Bhagavad Gita states ideas of Yoga and how it is essential to have 'Nectar of Devotion' in oneself to follow his spiritual guru. 

Why so? Because you can read, understand and learn all things about Yoga from Bhagavat Gita itself. Still, only an experienced spiritual guide (like Yoga Guru) can help you purify your soul, heal your chakra balance, and help you gain mental consciousness with his personal experiences. 

So, if you still feel or think - "I can learn yoga myself." Then sorry to disappoint you, but it's not possible to master every yoga pose and learn everything independently. But, yes with some professional guidance it’s possible to learn everything and that too at a fast pace.

Therefore, to become a master of your senses, you will need guidance from a teacher at least for your initial starting days, and once you can see the difference in your practice (which can take around 6 to 12 months), you can then later move ahead with your solo practice all your life. 


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